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Family Reunion

Every year we have a family gathering. It takes the kids 2 seconds to catch up where they left off, and then the fun begins.

The reunion is timed nicely with July 4th, so there are a couple fireworks.

The adults also get in some good visiting time.

In the end. All of the great grand children get to pose for a photo. I am sure it is their favorite part.

It was another very successful reunion of a great group of people.

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The Lake

This weekend was the May family reunion. It also aligned beautifully with our annual trip to the lake. In the past there have been different kinds of fishing contests. The kids have caught turtles, and several different kinds of fish. This year, the contest was simply the biggest fish.

Jonas claims he does not know how to kayak. So, he did not give it a go this time.

Maybe after I show him this photo, he will give it a try next year.

We had to take two cars, since Jonas and I do summer school. The entire ride there, Jonas was bouncing with excitement.

It is always a fun, relaxing time, when we get to go spend time with the family down at the lake. The memories that are being created are priceless.

We followed our lake visit with the May family reunion. A cousin wrote an excellent reflection about that. You can find it here.


Another birthday down

My sweet Karli turns 4 tomorrow. She is ornery. Like her dad. I adore her.

She does not really enjoy being the center of attention. During the singing of the birthday song. She hid under the table.

My ornery brother has given some of the finest gifts to my boys. Noisy toys. Dangerous toys. Perfect for boys. So. I knit her a beautiful scarf.

And then we gave her a nerf crossbow. Oh the joy I had when I discovered nerf made a girls line of weapons.

I adore this girl.


Science Olympiad

Yesterday was the local meet for Science Olympiad.

When the kids were not busy taking tests or doing their building events, they were playing Magic the Gathering or video games.

I happen to coach one event. The boys were disappointed that event did not place, but I told them, we will have it down by regionals. We were just not quite ready for locals. But, I wanted them to experience going into the room and doing the event.

Unfortunately, Jonas placed in nothing. But, it will make you feel better to know, that last year he placed at state. He is ok. I did learn he got 7th in one event, which was one away from a ribbon. Not bad.

Alex did an event for fun. Not his typical event. It is actually Caleb's event. But, Caleb was to old to participate in this particular meet. He went into a room alone. Saw a creation. And, then wrote detailed directions on how to duplicate this creation. His partner then came into the room, and using materials and his notes. Did the creation. This time, it was a craft. Alex drew it for us on the board when he got to the room. Then Tristan came back. We instantly requested he draw what he made.

Keep in mind. They have never practiced before. Never. It is not Alex's event. Tristan said he wanted to do it, and Alex agreed. Sure, he would do it.

They got first place.

They never practiced.

Alex declared that Write it Do it was a fun event.

On to regionals. Where my event will place.

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Tuba Christmas

Tuba Christmas

Today was Tuba Christmas. There is nothing like 300 tubas playing Christmas Music.

Tuba Christmas 2013

Santa was there. That means it gets his seal of approval.

Tuba Christmas 2013

Caleb was there, too. Now it is really important.

Tuba Christmas

Why yes, he did turn his program into an airplane and threaten to throw it. Who raised this child anyway?

Tuba Christmas

I am already looking forward to next year.

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I am alive. Just falling behind in this area of my life. Updating this small site.

Soccer Tournament

This weekend was the soccer tournament.
Two fun filled days of soccer goodness.

Soccer Tournament

Soccer goodness filled with siblings on the sideline, rooting for their family and friends.

Soccer Tournament

There were picnics between games. And bees. But, I did not photograph the bees. There were lots of bees.

fall tournament

These two, are not suppose to play this position. Or, should I say, they have not. Look out. Double trouble.

fall tournament

They have a plan.

fall tournament


fall tournament

On Saturday we got to participate in five games. On Sunday, 2 games.

Caleb, unfortunately, did not place in the tournament.

fall tournament

Jonas' team got 2nd place. It was a good championship game. So close.

Alex's team. Wow. Tied at the end of the game.

fall tournament

Went into over time. Tied at the end of overtime. Then, each team gets five penalty kids. Five. Each. Penalty kicks make me nervous. Such pressure for the goalie. Oh. I should mention. Alex was put in as goalie. For the penalty kicks! I have no photos of this. The crowd was silent. I did not want to make him nervous. I do not remember play by play how it went down. The two goalies were supportive of each other. Wishing each other luck as they traded back and forth. Turns, blocking the penalty kicks. Finally, our last kicker. Alex. Got it in. Put us ahead by one. Now, they have one person left. Alex is in the box. Ready to block. The poor kid from Lawson aimed for the corner and missed.

Lathrop wins.

fall tournament

They were pretty happy.

fall tournament

There are a lot of girls on this team. Lots of hugging.

fall tournament

fall tournament

The coach was proud of her two goalies.

fall tournament

Alex's team got third. It was a hard fought third.

It was a good season. Indoor soccer starts soon!

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Marching Band

Marching Band

Marching band season is here!

marching band 025

Apparently some people go to these shows to watch football.

marching band 073

I sit with a friend and visit between musical numbers.

marching band 087

Sometimes the clapping gets loud around me. I kindly ask people to please quiet down, so I can have my social hour.

marching band 391

Priorities, people.

marching band 288

I did mention to one of the football coaches after the game.. It is good for the band when his team wins, so keep up the good work.

marching band 562

I went to school with that coach. He laughed, and said he knew it was important for the band to do well.

marching band 605

I am glad he has his priorities in order.

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Training Camp

Work has started. Today is the Friday of week two. I am exhausted. Surely every year I am not this tired.

Way back when. Three weeks ago. Before I was so tired. I got up much to early and drove Caleb to see the Chiefs at the training camp.

Chiefs Training Camp

I manage to show extreme patience for this very boring event. He is just so happy to be there. I spread out my blanket on a super steep hill, and sit there for two hours. Watching them do, who knows what.

Chiefs Training Camp

Then the fun begins. Autographs. Jared sent me with four cards to get signed. Caleb assured he would help me. But, as soon as those players came, he shot up from the grass and rushed over. Leaving me to pick up all of our personal belongings and fend for myself. I am proud to say, I managed to fight the crowds and get two of the cards signed. This means, in case you are not following. I figured out who two people were, on my own! I think it is impressive.

Chiefs Training Camp

Then, I got to sit back, and wait for Caleb to finish up. He only took about an hour.

Chiefs Training Camp

Patience. I had such patience.

Chiefs Training Camp

Did I mention I figured out two players on my own? So impressive.

Chiefs Training Camp

Chiefs Training Camp

This is our third year of going. We are getting to be experts in picking the seats, and getting the most autographs. It was also their last day of training camp. The weather was nice, they ended practice early, and the players were extra patient with staying out and signing things.

Chiefs Training Camp

This guy is a K-State player. Keep your eye on him. Go Wildcats!


First day of school

First day of school

When did these boys grow up? Crazy. They are a freshman, junior and 7th grader this year.

They think it is so very very funny to scowl in their first day of school photo. Because it is not cool to smile about going to school. Everyone knows that.

7th grade

Jonas was so excited that he learned to tie a bowtie. He reported that adults and all of the gifted kids commented on how great his outfit was.


The master of scowls.


He tried so hard to scowl, but, he is just too happy of a kid!

first day of school

First day of school, six years ago. They were in kindergarten, third and fifth.

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Traditions continue

Making Music

Grandma is the spotlight resident at her nursing home. Several family members gathered for pizza, music, and a slide show.

Making Music

Grandpa always said to keep the traditions going. When Jonas plays piano, he changes keys several times, each time shouting out his new key. C. D. G minor. F sharp. We just laugh and laugh. I am not sure the audience got the joke. But, Grandpa would have laughed hard than us all.

Making Music

Karli has never been to Grandma and Grandpa's farm.

Making Music

Kaylee was probably two, the last time she went to the farm.

Making Music

They are super comfortable in this environment. They run between wheel chairs. They talk to the residents. I have to think, this is a very good thing for these girls. They do not fear the elderly at all. Kaylee was mighty shy, and did not want to play the piano. Her dad and I gave her an excellent pep talk.

Making Music

She is a very special lady, that deserves to be celebrate often.

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